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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 30, 2013 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 on ktvu channel 2. a toddler now in the hospital, after falling into the water during a fishing trip in the north bay. tonight we're learning more about what happened before and after the little boy fell. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone, i'm heather holmes. firefighters tell us that that toddler a 2-year-old boy is in life-threatening condition after spending ten minutes, maybe there are underwater. we have more from cara liu, live in oakland. >> well, heather, firefighters tell us that the boy was in critical condition and they believe he was taken here to
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oakland children's hospital. the battalion chief told me a short time ago that the 2-year- old was fishing with a family friend, who was more like a grandmother to him and she apparently turned her back and that when the toddler fell into the water. that was about 4:00 this afternoon in vallejo. firefighters say that the family friend tried to go after him, but she couldn't swim. officials say that the child may have been in the water about ten minutes, possibly more. >> the grandmother took her eyes off the child for a short period of time and the-year-old fell in the water. the engine company was able to pull him from the water quickly. >> reporter: the culvert where this happened is a popular fishing spot near the fairgrounds and six flags. they say that the family friend who was with the boy was transported to the local hospital as a precaution because she was suffering breathing problems. we have calls into police to
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confirm exactly where the child is and to get an update on how he is doing. of course we'll let you know as soon as we find out. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. solano deputies have identified 52-year-old wayne robins who allegedly shot a man and took off in a boat. a second alleged shooter, 58 58-year-old john sauerzoph from american canyon is also under arrest. victim is in stable condition. an illuminateing display in san francisco. tomorrow is world aids today and today hundreds went to the site to remember the victim and survives.
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disease. ktvu's noelle walker is live in golden gate park. >> reporter: it was pretty amazing, ken. the event ended just about an hour ago and they are break down? of the magic lighting that lit the paths in the memorial aid grove. i talked to one gentleman, who says coming here gives him solace. >> welcome to our welcome tree. >> reporter: at a time of year when the leaves are dying a symbolic tree at the national aids memorial grove was transformed into a magical forest of dancing fairies and lights. >> i came out for so many, so many people tonight. >> reporter: there are so many names to remember. on this eve of world aids day, this grove is a place for prayer, tears and heavy hearts. >> that pain doesn't ever completely go away, but you do incorporate in your life and hope that it makes you a little better person. >> reporter: john camp is an aids survivor
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and among hundreds who lingered here, bringing bringing light to aids. >> it's the individuals who come to share their own lights. >> reporter: there are still names being added, three dead decideas after the aids epidemic. >> many of the young people infected today weren't even born and don't remember the dark days when people would literally be healthy one day and die a week later. >> reporter: those people are remembered at a tent under the stars and at the circle of friends, lost, but never gone. >> when i walk away, it's never with sadness. it's always with oh, my god, they never left me; they are here. >> reporter: the world aids day is tomorrow, the memorial here at the aids memorial grove in san francisco kicks off at 11:30 a.m. reporting live in san francisco, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. to mark world aids day a large red ribbon hangs at the
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white house. president obama said today an aids-free generation is within the nation's reach. this summer the president signed the hiv care continuum initiative. the initiative aims at addressing disparities in care and prevention, especially in the hardest hit population, such as african-americans. in the u.s. african-americans represent about 14% of the population, but account for almost half of new hiv infections each year. an estimated 36 million people now live with hiv around the world, according to the united nations. in athens public health officials hand out clean needle as a preventative measure against hiv transmission. while the head of un aid says great progress has been made in bringing down the price of hiv medication over the years, spread of the virus continues to rise many some places. >> for example, in central asia and in eastern europe we have seen a 13% increase in the number of infections since 2006. >> nearly 30 million people have died of aids since the
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disease emerged in the early '80s. new develops to tell you about in animal abuse case that shocked many people in san francisco. animal controller officers say this is the man who threw those two cats into the bay, where at least one drowned. they are asking for your help to get his name. officers spent hours going over surveillance video from around the embarcadero when they got a break, the hyatt had a run-in with the suspect and witnesses confirmed, this is the man. >> she knew without a doubt she could identify this man if we showed a picture and sure enough, when we showed her the picture that we thought was the suspect from what she said and from what others said, she absolutely 100% identified him. >> those cats belonged to a homeless woman who was traumatized by monday's that tack at pier 1. 13. >> in continuing
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coverage of the affordable care act, the self-imposed deadline for the website has passed. the administration says hundreds of bugs have been fixed. president obama has promised that will function more smoothly. >> reporter: reporter martha shade with latest. >> this website is going to get fixed and we are going to be signing people up. >> reporter: the obama administration has its fingers crossed that most  of the problems with the obamacare website will be fixed by midnight tonight. that is the deadline given to a team of the experts to fix to ensure that 50,000 users at anytime and 8,000 users per day. one expert says the real test will be how fast people can get through the site. >> the challenge isn't how many lanes do you have on the highway, it's how fast the cars can go down the highway? because if there is any breakdown, you will have a big
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traffic jam and pile-up behind you. >> reporter: officials insist this isn't a relaunch, but rather an upgrade and that some bugs may remain. since its october 1st debut, some users have run into crashes, error messages and delays. the website just one of several stumbles for the president's affordable care act, including individual policy casl cancel cancellations. >> there has been delays and first the president delayed the mandate and we found out small businesses won't be able to enroll until what? another delay, a year. >> reporter: according to i acnn poll of polls his approval rate is at 41%. >> there are going to be moments that things are not going as smoothly as you want. very rarely the good things that you want happen get the same attention as the things that don't work as well. >> considerable cover
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california volunteers helped people sign up for the state's health care exchange at the concord library to learn about the website. cover the website has received more than 38 5,000 applications so far and volunteers say there should be no problem signing up. >> cover california's website has been go, by and large it's worked very well and the calculator is excellent. >> more events will be held the next two saturdays at the concord and lafayette libraries. enrollment is due december 23rd and the first payment is due january 4th. >> it looks like thanksgiving has taken a big bite out of black friday sales. according to numbers, u.s. consumers spent 13% less this year than on black friday in 2012. but combined shopping on both thursday haun friday climbed more than 2%. inspite of expanded retail hours on the shopper track experts black friday to remain
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the biggest shopping day of the year for the tenth year in a row. black friday may be over, but the shop, certainly isn't. coming up in the next half- hour, why some bay area shoppers opted to go local on this small business saturday. the highway patrol says officer around bay area have arrested more than a hun people for driving under the influence. the chp reports officers arrested 111 people since thursday. the highway patrol hasn't released statewide numbers yet. last year there were about 800 arrests in california and 17 people died in dui-related collisions. the actor best-known for his role in "the fast and furious" franchise has been killed in a horrific single car crash in southern california. now almost immediately after the crash, social media sites were lit up with posts claiming that the actor's death was a
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hoax. but the actor's publicist later confirmed the news and tonight stars are reacting to the death via social media and marie osmond tweeted "my heart is broken for the family friend paul walker, such an amazing person and sending our thoughts and prayers to his family." carson daly posted this message on his twitter page, "sick about the tragic loss of paul walker. i enjoyed our time together very much. such a really nice guy. prayers to his family and friends." continuing coverage on a bay area man held captive in north korea and this video of an apology aired by north korean media. >> clearly something that he did under some duress. >> at 10:30, why experts say it could actually be a positive thing and why the white house is still concerned. >> first it's an alarming trend, several pedestrians stuck and killed on bay area freeways.
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what officials tell us is the only safe time to get out of your car on the safeway. >>the announcement made by the miami dolphins today, the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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. this has been a deadly week on bay area freeways for pedestrians. in fact, three people on foot died just yesterday. as ktvu's john sasaki reports each death could have been avoided. >> reporter:
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it seems obvious, busy interstate 80 is not a place you would want to walk. >> walking on the freeway? that is really bad. >> reporter: but early yesterday a 32-year- old man was hit and killed on i- 80 in richmond when he tried to run across the freeway after he was involved in a crash. >> not a good idea, not a good idea. something that you don't want to do. >> reporter: also yesterday a woman was killed as he walked on i-70 near bay bridge in san francisco and a man was killed near the dunn barton bridge, but bmw of those are investigated as possible suicides. even when freeway traffic is going relatively slowly like these cars here, the chp stress yours body is no match for a car. >> if you feel secure at anytime on the freeway, you are complaint and
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are -- complacent and that is dangerous. >> in general, being in a vehicle is safer than not. >> absolutely, and again, wearing your seat belt while you are in is your vehicle. >> pull over to the side and make sure that the other person is okay. >> reporter: and the chp says if your car is disabled, stay inside and call for help. along i-80, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. the oakland community came together to rally behind the family of a toddler shot to death two years ago. a car-wash fundraisers was held today in honor of hiram lawrence, jr., who was killed when three gang members fired on a group of people, shooting a music video in a west oakland parking lot. >> we just want to be
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supportive in a way that lets them know that they are not by themselves on this day. it's almost the anniversary to the day of when he was killed. >> the three suspects have been charged with murder. police say a relative made a tragic discovery in campbell on this thanksgiving weekend. police say they got a call about 2:30 this00 from a family member who went to check on a couple who live at the that union avenue apartments. investigators say a 92-year-old and her 89-year-old husband were found shot to death in an apparent murder-suicide. the victims' names have not been raced walnut creek police are asking for the public's help to nab pictures of a bank robber at a bank of america branch. the suspect is a white man in his mid-20s with a light brown goatee and last seen wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a camouflage baseball cap and may be driving a white honda with
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tinted windows. the miami dolphin's player who accused i teammate of harassment and abuse has been taken off the active rost. jonathan martin was put on the non-illness football list, which means he can't return to play this season. the former stanford star claimed that richy igcould be knito bullied igcognito abused him. investigator of why raiders fans are responsible for an attack of a cowboy's fan. investigators say witnesses reported seeing a man in a cowboy's jersey being beaten by four men believed to have been dressed in raiders gear. victim was found unconscious, but has since checked him out of of the hospital. this holiday season a man with little material wealth is offering what he says is his gift from god to anyone who
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wishes to receive it. ♪[ music ] >> david allen welsh is homeless in washington state. he says he has been on the streets since he was 6 years old, but early on, he discovered he could play music without having the benefit of a music lesson or the ability to read music. >> sometimes i don't even know what key i am pushing. my eyes aren't even open. i'm just letting the music play the music. >> recently welsh has been playing a piano at a secondhand store where one customer told a report that welsh's music moved him to tears. a bay area woman offering assistance to the philippines you, how she hopes to help three weeks after the massive typhoon hit. >> it there are 3.4 million small businesses in california and when people shop at locally stores more of the money spent stays in the local community. >> warmer weather forecast for
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your sunday. we'll have a look at what can you expect tomorrow and then a big drop in temperatures coming our way for next week. i will have a look at when he hit those freezing numbers, coming up. where's my room? we had tust a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. . a day of anti-government protests in bangkok and tonight there is word that protesters are trying to force their way into the prime minister's compound. police have reportedly fired tear gas and aimed water cannons on the protesters. over last week those demonstrators have occupied government offices in an effort to force the thai prime minister from office. in scotland at least eight people with dead and a dozen hospitalized after a police helicopter plunged into a pub
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full of people in glasgow, scotland last night. more than a hundred people were celebrating the night before st. andrew's day. so far there is no indication on what caused that crash. >> a commuter plane crash in alaska has left four people dead and six others hospitalized. ntsb says the turboprop cessna went down near st. marys village. tonight we're getting our first look at the crash and this photo is from the alaskan department of safety. state troopers and air ambulance dook the survivors to a hospital, the cause is under investigation. a bay area nurse is leading to the philippines weeks after the powerful typhoon haiyan hit the area. jane sandoval says she is honored to take part in the
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release effort organized by the rn response network. >> my parents came from the area that was affected. so in a way i am paying homage to my parents who i no longer have and you think they would really be proud of that effort. >> sandoval is joining three other nurses in the philippines. the registered network has set up mobile clinics that have served hundreds of typhoon victims death toll is now more than 6800 with more than 1700 people still missing. on, we a link to donate to the victims and we'll match your donations doctor for dollar. will you find the information right below the video player. the worst weather for bad weather turns out to be a very familiar place. according to, sfo logged more than 30,000 delays due to fog and other bad weather. it's not just the fog, but the
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close runways that caused so many delays. the site advises landing later in the day or flying into mineta airport. well, growing concerns about a bay area man detained in north korea. after this taped apology airs on state media, tonight why experts say it could actually be a good thing. happy new developments in the case of a missing dog and why the man you see here picking him up says it was all just a misunderstanding. "are you okay mom?" "yes i am" (nervous) (screaming) "never again grace elizabeth" life insurance from new york life can help your family keep good going.
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retirement solutions from new york life can help you keep good going. new developments now on a palo alto man detained in north korea. the wall street journal reports that north korea admits to arresting newman.
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late last night this video of him reading and signing an apology aired on state media. the 85-year-old has been held for more than a month and the family and white house are growing more concerned about his well-being. >> ktvu's alex savidge explains that some analysts see that video of an apology as a hopeful sign. >> reporter: the video shows merrill newman reading the note and the korean war veteran apologies for killing north korean civilians and soldiers six decades ago. >> attacked a communication system. >> reporter: the statement newman read dated novemberth was filled with grammatical errors and it remains unclear if he was coerced into reading it. stanford professor daniel snyder, an expert on now, calls this video "propaganda," but says it may be a sign of something positive. >> it's clearly something that he did, under some duress and
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hopefully, to lead to his release. >> reporter: the retiree from palo alto was taken into custody by north korean authorities back in october, during a private tour of the country. the state-run news agency says newman has also admitted to committing hostile acts against the government during this recent visit by searching for surviving soldiers that he trained to fight the north during the war. >> so i asked guide to help me look for their families and relatives. >> reporter: professor snyder may have been ill-advised but believes he was trying to close an important chapter in his life. >> he had an idea about his role that made perfect sense sitting in palo alto, but it doesn't make a whole lost sense in pyongyang and i think it's a cautionary note. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the white house council says she is deeply concerned about newman's
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well-being because of his advanced age and health issues, including a heart condition. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. two washington, d.c. rappers are brushing off criticism for filming a music video in north korea. the rappers who go by the names pacman and peso, arrived in beijing today after a five-day trip too north korea. the rap duo did not say where and how it filmed the video and while the united nations is investigating human right violations in north korea, the performers say that is not their concern. >> our purpose is to do the best music video -- . [ inaudible ]. >> the rappers raised more than $10,000 to help fund that trip. homicide detectives in vallejo are looking for clues in a deadly shooting that left one person dead. it happened about 5:00 on carolina street near butte street and the victim is identified as 25-year-old lydell brown. anyone with
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information is asked to call police. an extreme case of "apple picking." investigators say at least one person stole 62 iphones from a khwb store on christy street at around 5:00 thanksgiving morning. those devices are valued at $4250,. investigators say that the phones had not been activate, making them extremely difficult to track. a day after millions of americans packed shopping malls and big-box retailers for black friday, independently owned stores took steps to lure shoppers through their doors on small business saturday. ktvu's allie rasmus shows owe local resorts are trying to competitor fighter holiday shopping dollars. >> reporter: donna ervin skipped the mall and came down downtown pleasanton to do their christmas shopping. >> it's such a cute place and we traveled to see what we could find. >> reporter: across the bay area and the
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country, today is small business saturday. american express started the national campaign to shop local four years ago. >> a lot of the bigger box stores, and you know, malls, get a lot of publicity and so this is an opportunity to show how fun it can be to shop in a smaller environment. >> reporter: there are 3.4 small businesses in california and when people shop at independently-owned stores, more of the money spent stays in the local community. in order to compete with black friday door-buster promotions, small business owners have to get creative, not only offering deals, but attractions like book signings. >> the authors are coming here and working with us to sell books. >> reporter: and holiday-themed treats. at rockridge bart plaza in oakland, they organized a snow day. >> why fight the crowds and why go to a mall when you have these great neighborhoods with shops that have really unique items. >> reporter:
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some shoppers say even without the attractions they would prefer to shop locally anyways. >> president obama along with has a daughters caused a bit of a stir when they appeared at a washington, d.c. bookstore. this is the third year in a row that the family has shopped on small business saturday. the president bought 20 books for a variety of age groups, including the "the sports gene." the last gift might be a gift for the man who likes to hoops now and then. first black friday and small business saturday and cyber monday and gray thursday and now there is giving tuesday. the idea was cooked up last years a new york city ymca to give back to their communities. this year organizers say more 7500 groups are taking part including san josi-based ebay. >> you may remember the story of piggy, who wandered into a
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neighborhood market in san leandroo and was last seen be carried away about this man in this video. tonight piggy is back at home with his owner ises. the man seen in the video says that it the storeowners told him to take the pug mix and i says he saw a posting on the internet noting the ktvu story and he was able to local piggy's owner and return the dog. the newest trend that you may need after gorging yourself on a huge thanksgiving feast. instead of sitting behind a desk, a growing number of people are stepping into action and walking in their workspace. an iowa company has created a new meaning to the term "working out." a treadmill desk helps them. >> sitting is the new smoking
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and it ruin ours metabolism. >> they say it promotes a healthy lifestyle. >> up next, a little girl with a big spirit. this honorable member of a college basketball team is using her experiences off the court to help motivate players. a live look at the bay bridge from san francisco, all brightly lit up. it's about to cool down, meteorologist rosemary orozco will tell us how low the temperatures will go.
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. yes, when you hear that sound you know it's officially christmas time. that and when the boy scout lot
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in piedmont opens for the season. they first sold trees in 1976. the scouts say working at lot teaches them valuable lessons about community service, teamwork as well as responsibility. >> this would be a good weekend to go out and get that tree. 'tis the season now. >> yes. >> so you want to know how you dress when you go out and look for the perfect tree and rosemary will tell us what to expect? >> we can expect another mild day for sunday and, in fact, tomorrow will be a few degrees warmer than what we had today, anywhere from 5-10 degrees above the seasonal average, we're typically in the upper 50s to low 60s. >> right now temperatures cooling off. widespread 40s and 50s. 52 san francisco, 42 in napa. and to the south bay we have temperatures in the low 50s. mountainview, as well as san josi, 50 degrees in livermore. half moon bay reporting low 40s.
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the ridge of high pressure is going to strength into sunday. we have a huge drop in temperatures coming our way. so let's enjoy tomorrow with mostly sunny conditions. i do think we'll wake up once again with patchy fog already beginning to see it along the coast in areas around half moon bay. but as we get into tuesday, the bigger change is coming. for tomorrow, medium to warm. as we get into monday, we begin a cooling trend, but the bigger drop about come on tuesday, in addition, to wednesday and thursday, even a slight possibility of a few scattered shower. we're talking low into the foothills, down to 2500' at some point with snow levels and especially for areas along the sierra. tomorrow we wake up with patchy fog and a few high clouds. in the afternoon, a few high clouds passing by and that
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really about it. another nice-looking and feeling day for sunday. now monday morning, take a look at the system that is well off the north corner of california. we're going wake up, very similar, patchy nothing fog and high clouds. then a front is going to slide through. we're now into tuesday morning. so monday night into tuesday morning, things really begin to change. you can see we have precip over areas along the sierra and maybe a sprinkle over mount hamilton. we still have a couple of days, but right now we're look at just the slightest possibility of maybe a few showers, but rain and the snow will continue over parts of the sierra. i think the biggest impact is going to be the cold temperatures. i will show you those in the extended forecast. as we get going tomorrow morning, a cool start. upper 30s to upper 40s once again. into the afternoon, a great day for a ballgame, niners are
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hosting at candlestick park round game-time at 1:05 and it's going to be a nice one. into the afternoon, oakland, 70 degrees, 68 for hayward. 72 mostly sunny skies in santa cruz. the extended forecast here, bay area weekend always in view. begin the cooling trend on monday. but tuesday, the bigger changes come and by wednesday morning and thursday morning, we're talking freezing and subfreezing temperatures. some of our inland valley locations could actually sink into the upper 20s. >> cover up the plants. >> a winter blast coming our way. >> thank you, rosemary. >> you got it. >> the state's largest gingerbread house is on flay. the hotel's culinary team spent hundreds of hours building the
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sweet treat. it took thousands of house-made bricks, 1200 pounds of icing and 650 pounds of candy to complete the project. there is even a gingerbread doghouse and you can check it out until january 1st. a 10-year-old girl is the newest member of an oregon basketball team, welcomed for her experienced off the court. >> you can do it! >> the coach says lexie delos reyes play and important role on the basketball team, teaching players to think of others. lexie is fighting cancer. she was diagnosed at just 14 months old and endured nine brain surge rains chemotherapy. during one procedure, lexie lost her eyesight. >> what surprises me is the apt of hope that she has and the strength. i have never known so many so strong, especially being so young. >> levelie says when she is at
10:42 pm
the games, she forgets about her pain and focus es on the action. >> stanford holds off notre dame, thanks to a pair of 4th quarter plays. >> rivalry week turned into upset saturday as one of the most amazing finishes you will ever see cost ones team a shot at the national title. sportswrap is next
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toyota sportswrap, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. toyota, let's go places. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. stanford gant day with the pac- 12 north championship in its pocket, the om question was whether that game would be played in tempe or stanford?
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the cardinals wanted to end the regular season with a win. it was notre dame trying not to let that happen the irish on the board first. hogan to a wide open cajuste and it's 7-3. the cardinals putmore on the board. tyler gaffney from a yard out, another monster game for gaffney. and after taking a 14-6 lead to the locker room, the cardinals made it 21-6,, notre dame rallied for two touchdowns. stanford leads 24-20. the defense turned into interceptions to end the game. this one tin


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